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Avigilon Introduces 16 Megapixel IP Cameras


Digital PTZ combined with unsurpassed 4872x3248 image detail revolutionize how large public spaces are monitored

LAS VEGAS, NV (ISC West) – March 22, 2007 — Avigilon today introduced its 16 megapixel IP cameras which have been specifically designed for surveillance applications where detail needs to be captured over a wide field of view. Available in color or monochrome and featuring a scientific-grade CCD image sensor, real-time and post event, user defined digital PTZ, and aperture control and focus of Canon® EF lenses, Avigilon’s 16 megapixel IP cameras have the equivalent resolution of over 50 conventional surveillance cameras and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing surveillance system for remote monitoring.

Avigilon’s 16 megapixel cameras are the first surveillance cameras that can continuously monitor large fields of view while maintaining high levels of detail. In the past, security professionals have had to rely on opto-mechanical PTZ cameras for wide field of view surveillance and were forced to make a tradeoff between field of view and image detail. Avigilon’s 16 megapixel cameras provide a superior solution for post incident investigation because they provide detailed images of the entire field of view, without the requirement of an operator to control the camera.

“Up until now, it has been very difficult for surveillance professionals to effectively monitor large public spaces,” said Alexander Fernandes, president and CEO at Avigilon. “Our 16 megapixel IP cameras, with user defined digital PTZ, are the first of their kind in the marketplace to provide both the image detail and flexibility that security professionals need to effectively monitor large areas such as stadiums, airports, train stations, university campuses and other large public areas.”

Avigilon’s 16 megapixel cameras deliver the following key features:

16 Megapixel Resolution
Avigilon’s 16 megapixel IP cameras provide the same resolution and image detail as 50 standard 640x480 pixel cameras, enabling large areas to be monitored in extreme detail without an operator. In addition, post incident forensic detail is available for the entire scene.

Legacy System Integration
Leveraging Avigilon’s surveillance recorders, the 16 megapixel cameras can stream a full NTSC video 720x480 from the recorder’s “SVHS out” to any conventional surveillance system for remote monitoring. In case of incident, high resolution images can be remotely retrieved from the Avigilon surveillance recorder for detailed forensic inspection.

Lossless Compression of RAW Images
Conventional surveillance systems use lossy compression algorithms that introduce image artifacts and reduce effective spatial resolution and dynamic range, destroying potentially important evidence. Avigilon recorders use lossless compressed RAW format to store image data exactly as it is produced by the camera’s sensor, ensuring that all image evidence is preserved.

Standard Canon® EF lenses
Avigilon’s 16 megapixel IP cameras incorporate integrated lens control contacts on the bayonet mount, enabling dynamic aperture control to ensure that camera settings are dynamically optimized as lighting conditions change. Canon® EF lenses offer excellent price performance for large sensor cameras.

About Avigilon
Avigilon is the performance and value leader in high definition and megapixel video surveillance systems. Avigilon’s high definition surveillance systems offer a breakthrough in imaging performance, which is required for the protection of the public, critical assets, and infrastructure. Avigilon’s exceptionally strong commitment to research and development ensures that it will continue to be the leader in supplying high definition surveillance systems that demanding security professionals rely on. For further information please visit

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