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Avigilon in High Definition at ASIS - Best Image Quality, Lowest Bandwidth, Longest Record Times


Best Image Quality, Lowest Bandwidth, Longest Record Times

LAS VEGAS, NV (ASIS) – September 26, 2007 – Avigilon has further consolidated its position as the leading provider of high definition surveillance systems at ASIS previewing four new high definition IP cameras and version 3.0 of Avigilon’s High Definition Network Video Management Software.

“The crowds at our booth tell the story – the future of CCTV is IP based High Def,” said Jean-Pierre (JP) Forest, director of security solutions at Avigilon. “In addition to our award winning image quality we now also have the lowest bandwidth and longest record times of any high definition surveillance solution making our systems ideal for protecting commercial and retail applications as well as for use in our traditional markets of critical assets and infrastructure.”

“We have been extremely pleased with the market pull that our high definition surveillance system is currently experiencing. This week we signed three more manufacturer’s reps that need a high def solution for their customers. I expect ASIS 2007 will be seen as the turning point when high definition entered the mainstream of surveillance. Poor quality video just won’t cut it anymore,” said Pierre Parkinson, VP marketing and business development at Avigilon.

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Avigilon is the performance and value leader in high definition and megapixel video surveillance systems. Avigilon’s high definition surveillance systems offer a breakthrough in imaging performance, which is required for the protection of the public, critical assets, and infrastructure. Avigilon’s exceptionally strong commitment to research and development ensures that it will continue to be the leader in supplying high definition surveillance systems that demanding security professionals rely on. For further information please visit