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Avigilon Introduces New Version of Popular Online System Design Tool


Online System Design Tool 4.1 enables rapid, customized, design of end-to-end Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System, assuring predictable and stable system performance

ANAHEIM, CA (ASIS International 2009) – September 22, 2009 – Avigilon, today, announced a new version of its popular Online System Design Tool. A powerful three step tool, the Avigilon Online System Design Tool enables consultants, integrators, and users to quickly identify the appropriate video quality level and recommended camera, lens, and NVR combinations. With new features in the updated version to accommodate enterprise system designs and multiple compression technologies, the Avigilon Online Systems Design Tool enables consultants, integrators, and security professionals to quickly design a predictable and stable end-to-end Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System.

Avigilon Online System Design Tool: Three Step Process

The Avigilon Online System Design Tool involves the following simple three step process:

  • Select the appropriate camera and lens combination to cover each scene with sufficient detail as measured in pixels per foot or meter.
  • Select and configure the appropriate NVR to ensure required retention times are met using Avigilon HD Data Aging; determine individual camera and system bandwidth requirements; and provides guidance on minimum computing processor requirements. Legacy analog, IP, and megapixel cameras are also identified and merged, if existing, creating a hybrid system which preserves existing assets.
  • Generate a detailed PDF, listing system configuration information, bandwidth requirements, and a bill of materials that can be included with project submittals and used during installation.

“Customers are experiencing frustration with IP system design, finding that as systems expand and they add options, such as megapixel cameras, their storage and processing capabilities cannot provide dependable service,” said Dave Tynan, vice-president of global sales and marketing for Avigilon. “Since its initial release, consultants, integrators, and security professionals have used the Avigilon Online System Design Tool to rapidly design tailor-made surveillance solutions that have absolute predictable results. With expanded features to accommodate enterprise system designs and multiple compression technologies, this updated version delivers further peace of mind that the Avigilon surveillance solution will continue to provide dependable performance.”

Avigilon Control Center with HDSM

Avigilon Control Center is the award winning HD network video management software with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) that delivers full situational awareness and detail, leading to faster response times, reduced investigation times, and superior overall protection. Avigilon Control Center is available as stand alone software or pre-installed and configured on Avigilon HD NVRs. Avigilon Control Center is a secure and reliable open enterprise class network video management platform for capturing, managing, and storing high definition surveillance video while efficiently managing bandwidth and storage. Providing the industry with a complete HD and megapixel surveillance system, Avigilon offers the industry’s greatest choice in HD cameras from one to 16 megapixels.

About Avigilon

The performance and value leader in high definition and megapixel video surveillance systems, Avigilon was honored by Frost & Sullivan with the 2009 Best Practices Award as the HD Surveillance Company of the Year. Avigilon’s HD surveillance systems offer a breakthrough in imaging performance, which is required for the protection of the public, critical assets, and infrastructure. Avigilon’s exceptionally strong commitment to research and development ensures that it will continue to be the leader in supplying high definition surveillance systems on which demanding security professionals rely. For further information please visit