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Avigilon Links High Definition Video with Point of Sale Transaction Data


New add-on feature to the award-winning Avigilon Control Center Network Video Management Software reduces investigation times and provides vital business intelligence by linking live high definition video with transaction data

ANAHEIM, CA (ASIS International 2009) – September 22, 2009 – Avigilon, today, introduced the Avigilon Control Center HD Point-of-Sale (POS) Transaction Engine. A new add-on feature to the award winning Avigilon Control Center Network Video Management Software (NVMS), Avigilon Control Center HD POS Transaction Engine links live and visually lossless recorded high definition video with transaction data, enabling security professionals to search and quickly find specific transactions and associated indisputable video evidence for event validation.

Meeting the increasing demands for better video quality, Avigilon Control Center HD POS Transaction Engine helps customers reduce shrinkage and theft, and address compliance requirements, by enabling security professionals to more quickly and successfully find video surveillance footage associated with a specific transaction. The transaction engine provides customers the ability to link vital business intelligence with HD video, helping to analyze operations and improve bottom line performance.

“With the current economy, all departments within an organization are focusing on performance,” said Dave Tynan, vice-president of global sales and marketing at Avigilon. “The new Avigilon Control Center HD POS Transaction Engine is a highly effective tool for associating any character based transaction data—such as point of sale data and bar code data—with HD video to provide indisputable and instantaneous evidence to deal with liabilities, shrinkage, service level improvement, and process efficiencies.”

Avigilon Control Center HD POS Transaction Engine includes the following features and benefits:

  • Multiple streams of transactions from devices such as cash registers, automatedteller machines (ATM), or bar code scanners can be associated to a single HD camera to cover a larger field of view
  • Transactions are linked to associated video to allow instant review, including accessing individual transactions using a powerful search function
  • Transaction information is simultaneously displayed alongside live or recorded video
  • Exception filtering and reporting allows the triggering of events when transactions match certain criteria. These events can be mapped to on-screen alerts, e-mail alerts, and other system events

Avigilon Control Center with HDSM

Avigilon Control Center is the award winning HD network video management software with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) that delivers full situational awareness and detail, leading to faster response times, reduced investigation times, and superior overall protection. Avigilon Control Center is available as stand alone software or pre-installed and configured on Avigilon HD NVRs. Avigilon Control Center is a secure and reliable open enterprise class network video management platform for capturing, managing, and storing high definition surveillance video while efficiently managing bandwidth and storage. Providing the industry with a complete HD and megapixel surveillance system, Avigilon offers the industry’s greatest choice in HD cameras from one to 16 megapixels.

About Avigilon

The performance and value leader in high definition and megapixel video surveillance systems, Avigilon was honored by Frost & Sullivan with the 2009 Best Practices Award as the HD Surveillance Company of the Year. Avigilon’s HD surveillance systems offer a breakthrough in imaging performance, which is required for the protection of the public, critical assets, and infrastructure. Avigilon’s exceptionally strong commitment to research and development ensures that it will continue to be the leader in supplying high definition surveillance systems on which demanding security professionals rely. For further information please visit